The Seventh Seraph
The Seventh Seraph


Who would have thought that Archangels, too, need assistance? Assistance not from their fellow angels but from human beings. The Seventh Seraph is a fictional depiction of the seven Archangels’ duties in heaven and on earth. The story begins when Samael, God’s Angel of Death, seeks help from a young psychiatrist to keep him sane as he faces each catastrophic event in human history while collecting souls of the fallen men.

Dr. Susan turns out to have possessed the healing powers of Raphaella, the Healing Angel, and supported Samael in his duties moving from one millennia to another, eventually giving him more aid than just keeping his sanity.

As a mere human living in modern times, Dr. Susan courageously witnessed some of the morbid yet iconic events of human history, from the curse of Moses during the Exodus of Hebrew slaves, God’s punishment to King David, and Jesus’ crucifixion, to the Punic Wars, Death Plague, and Hitler’s ruthless domination. She changed clothes, tended the wounded, helped stop the plague, and even came face to face with Satan himself.

Their journey is set to end in the Final Judgment, right after the time when the Antichrist had ruled the world.

Dr. Marvin C. McMaster


Dr. Marvin McMaster, having earned a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and a postdoctoral experience in Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, has worked as a research and process development chemist at DuPont, Kraft Foods, and Ciba-Geigy. He was also into sales for 25 years, selling and supporting HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography) analytical systems. During this time, he also became an adjunct professor at University of Missouri–Saint Louis, conducting over thirty HPLC school trainings for students and customers. Retired, he now keeps himself busy teaching Bible studies and writing technical text books and fictional novels.


Clasping her hand, the Archangel said, “Hold on, we simply have to step sideways. There was a flash of color and they were somewhere else. The downtown Boston buildings and the Charles River were gone and they were in a pastoral setting with a collection of buildings scattered around the path ahead of them.

On the cross Jeshua gasp and slump forward. Dr. Samael disappeared and another figured appeared. He had the appearance of an archangel with a sly foxy face, “Gone is he? Then he won’t be needing his body.” As he turned to the guard with a document in his hand, Susan said, “There is no place for you here, Prince Lucifer. You have done enough harm.”

When she awoke she was next in line before the steps to the guillotine. The sound of the blade dropping ended with a sickening crunch as the crowd cheered and shouted in encouragement. “Next,” called the executioner in a black hood. A demon on each arm yanked her up the steps and dragged her to the stocks under the blade. They forced her to her knees, locked her neck in the stocks, as she heard the blade being cranked back in to position. “I have so been looking forward to this,” came Satan’s voice from under the black hood and Susan heard the trigger release snap open and the blade swish down.

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